News: Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21                Minimum Day

December 24- Jan 4     Winter Break
January 7                       First Day of School After Winter Break
January 9                       PTA Coffee Social/Board Meeting
January 11                     Family Movie Night
January 21                     Holiday, MLK Day
February 2                     PV Ice Skating Party

Palo Verde PTA and School News

Lost and Found, Last Day to Claim Lost Items!

Please note that the cart will be emptied and the remaining items will be donated to charity today Friday, DEC 21. The cart is outside Mrs Brown’s office.
Last Chance To Turn in Your Fresh & Easy Grocery Receipts
Thank you to those who’ve already turned in receipts!  Palo Verde will receive $1 for every $20 spent per receipt from the Fresh & Easy store (Middlefield and Rengstorff).  Receipts must be turned in by Friday morning, Dec 21 so that they can be sent into Fresh & Easy by Dec 31.  If you have any receipts from Fresh and Easy place them in the envelope taped to the filing cabinet to your right as you enter the office.
Scheduling Commute Pools Online
We’re pleased to announce that Palo Verde has become a member of the growing network. Starting in January 2013 (on a date TBD) parents who wish to start or join a carpool can get online support at Palo Verde’s exclusive carpool webpage. Powered by CarpooltoSchool.come, the site gives parents a safe, easy way to form or join a carpool, bikepool or walkpool and its intuitive interface makes planning easy and convenient. Features include a secure matching service integrated with google maps, scheduling and built-in text messaging to remind parents when it’s their turn to drive. We will be setting up the link to the site on our school web page .Please watch this space for more details on how to sign up and use the website at no cost to you.

Volunteering at Lunchtime


Thank you for the 14 moms, one dad and one grandma who came to help at lunchtime this school year. We truly appreciate your time and commitment.

We hope more parents can volunteer in 2013 and help us have more caring adults present at lunch recess.
The sign-up sheet for the rest of the school year is up. Please click on the link below and sign up for one day per week, per month or even once. Your child will notice your involvement.



If you have any question, please contact Katie Renati at or (650) 520-0750      .

October Community Service–Spare Change for Hurricane Sandy


After Halloween the students voted to have their collected spare change help the victims of Hurricane Sandy instead of buying books for Mitchell Park Library. We didn’t need Bon Jovi and Springsteen singing at the school to call attention to the project, because all the Palo Verde Students are rock stars full of generosity and caring for others in need!  They continued collecting until Thanksgiving break, and now all the money has been collected and totaled. Every penny counted whether students brought in a few cents, a dollar or if they saved up their allowance for donation. Palo Verde raised a total of $????? – Let your student use the numbers below to calculate the total, and see how quickly it all adds up!  Every penny, nickel, dime, quarter and bill, plus whatever the bank will give for the cool international coins-(German and French Euros, and coins from New Zealand, Great Brittan, India, China, Switzerland, and Singapore) will all be donated to the American Red Cross.


Kindergarteners (combined classes): $101.76

Room 4: $35.20

Room 5: $90.87 and $65 of that was in quarters

Room 6: $44.60 and $30 of that was in quarters

Room 7: $38.01 all in coins, and $23 was in quarters

Room 8: $20.15 all in coins and $5 was in pennies

Room 11: $17.78

Room w/ biscotti jar: $24.47

Room w/ pretzel jar: $38.28 all in coins

Room 15: $6.74

Room 16: $28.29 and $5 was in pennies

Room 17: $74.14 and $34 was in bills and $5 was in pennies

Room 18: $31.36

Room 19: $24.25

Room 20: $58.18 with $19 in quarters and a Twenty dollar bill (whoa!)


Special thank you goes to Jeanette Brosnan for counting and rolling the Kinder funds, and also to Room 17 students for counting, rolling and sorting their collection!

Family Movie Night after Winter Break! 

Mark your calendars!  Friday, January 11 will be Family Movie Night at Palo Verde.  Bring a floor blanket or a cozy pillow to the MP Room at 6:30pm that night.  This free, social event for Palo Verde families is sponsored by the PTA. We’ll provide the movie and the popcorn; you make it a party!  Please note, this is not a drop-off event, all children must be accompanied by an adult.
If you can lend a hand that night, please contact Heather Schultz. Thank you!
Traffic Safety Slogan and Poster Contest 


As part of our traffic safety awareness initiative, Palo Verde’s Traffic Safety team invites Palo Verde families to participate in a poster/slogan contest. The poster/slogan could either educate and promote safe behaviors or inform of bike/car/pedestrian actions during drop off and pick up around our school that could be unsafe. Please refer to the flyer that is coming in today’s Friday folders for more information and submission guidelines. All qualifying entries will be displayed around the school. The 12 best entries will be displayed prominently along the main entrances. Please note that this is a family effort and parents are encouraged to discuss traffic safety with their kids and help with the poster/slogan. The deadline for submission is 2 pm, Friday,January 18. For questions please email anjani dot sarma at gmail dot com or silviep at att dot net.


Palo Verde Dining For Dollars Evening, Thursday January 24 


Join Palo Verde Families at Mountain Mikes Pizza at 3918 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto, for a tasty fund raising event! Just bring the flyer that will be provided in your Friday folder the week before and give it to your server and 20% of your check will be donated back to our school! This includes dine in, carry out and all beverages. The offer is good all day Thursday January 24th grab some friends for lunch or take your whole family for dinner.

Save The Date And Your Electronic Waste! January 26, 2013 

You can drop off your obsolete electronics from 10-2pm at Palo Verde Elementary. This is a fundraiser run by Green Citizen for the PTA Green Team. So hold onto your stuff and spread the word. Contact with any questions or if you want to help out.


Palo Verde’s Annual Ice Skating Social Party 

Winter Lodge Ice Rink

Saturday, February 2, 2013

5:30 – 7:30pm

Rain or Shine


$16 per skater (includes skate rental)

The PTA will provide pizza and drinks for all skaters!

Each family is encouraged to bring baked goods to share

Ticket Table opens @ 5:15pm/ Doors open @5:30pm


Please fill out this form  and an event waiver (one per family)

and return forms with entry/skate rental payment ($16/skater)

to the office by Wednesday, January 30, 2012

Please make checks payable to Palo Verde PTA


Volunteers Needed!

Email Katharine at


Room 6 Is The First To Achieve The Escrip Challenge – Will Your Class Be Next? 

Since the start of the school year, almost 50 families have registered to support Palo Verde PTA via eScrip for the first time – thank you so much to all the new and continuing families.  Congratulations to Room 6 for being the first class to achieve the eScrip Challenge! Remember, every class that achieves at least 75% participation by January 18 will be a winner. Each child in that class will receive a “brag bag” prize – a reusable bag personalized for the Challenge with special goodies inside. Sign up at using Group Number 137331259.


Take it Personally Study Group – Project Cornerstone
How do we ensure our kids will thrive? How can I show my support for my child’s efforts & dreams? How can I know what’s most important in helping my child succeed academically & in life? Are there enough positive adults in my child’s life? Contact:; Fee: a one-time $10 donation for a workbook. Questions:
Our dates are: 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22

We will meet in the Library from 8:15am to 9:45am on each day.

!!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!! 



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