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December 17-21           Palo Verde Book Fair

December 21                Minimum Day
December 24- Jan 4     Winter Break
January 7                       First Day of School After Winter Break
February 2                     PV Ice Skating Party

Palo Verde PTA and School News


Room 6 Is The First To Acheive The Escrip Challenge – Will Your Class Be Next?


Since the start of the school year, almost 50 families have registered to support Palo Verde PTA via eScrip for the first time – thank you so much to all the new and continuing families.  Congratulations to Room 6 for being the first class to achieve the eScrip Challenge! Remember, every class that achieves at least 75% participation by January 18th will be a winner. Each child in that class will receive a “brag bag” prize – a reusable bag personalized for the Challenge with special goodies inside. Sign up at using Group Number 137331259.

Palo Verde Book Fair is Next Week! 


The annual book fair will be December 17-21, just in time for the holidays. This is a fabulous event when Banana Seeds sets up a store just for us in the Palo Verde multi-purpose room. Bringing tons of books just right for our elementary students and some for their siblings and.parents as well. As you might expect, it is a fundraiser for the PTA. Please e-mail Shubha Ranga ( with any questions.


5 Reasons to Visit the Book Fair:


Teachers will have wish lists for books so you can purchase one as a gift for your child’s classroom.
2. Banana Seed staff will always be available to answer questions and help you find a great book.
3. Proceeds from the book fair support the school library and other needs.
4. It’s a great place to get gifts!

5. It’s fun!

How do I pay for things?
We take cash, checks, and credit cards

When is it? Dec.17-21
Monday – 2:3pm, Tuesday- 8am-9am & 2pm: 3pm, Wednesday 8am-9am & 1pm-2pm, Family Night 6pm-9pm, Thursday- 8am-9am & 2pm&3pm

More questions?
Email Shubha Ranga (




Give the Gift of Reading


Your children are just devouring books during Readers’ Workshop. Classroom teachers would love to have more books to keep up with the students’ pace at reading them. You might think about donating a book, a series of books, or an Amazon card to your child’s teacher in honor of his/her birthday, in honor of a special achievement, for a holiday gift, or just “because”. You can ask your child’s teacher for guidance or a wish list. Thank you all for your generosity in making Palo Verde a fantastic school.

Let’s Plant Trees at Palo Verde!

Palo Verde is getting 15 new trees and we need you to help plant them on Saturday, Jan. 12th!  Palo Verde families, come join us to learn about trees, meet friends, get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and plant on the main field at our school. We’ll rake, dig, plant, stake, strap, and mulch and celebrate with a snack together afterwards.
Dress for the dirt and bring sturdy, closed-toe shoes.  Please RSVP by Wed., Dec. 19.
Tree Planting at Palo Verde
Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013
9:00am – 12 noon
To reserve your spot on the planting crew, or for more information, email:
Maria Chow Zajac at
Save The Date And Your Electronic Waste! January 26, 2013

Notes From the Nurse-The FLU/COLD SEASON Is Here!!

The flu/cold season is upon us.  This means we should be vigilant about taking care of our loved ones and ourselves.  Remember that cold symptoms tend to be milder and flu symptoms more severe, including high temperature, severe aches and pains, extreme exhaustion and dry cough, nausea and vomiting.

A child should not be in school when he/she has:

  • Temperature greater than 100 degrees.  If a child has had a fever, he/she may not return to school until it has been normal for 24 hours (without taking medications to reduce fever)
  • Frequent coughing or sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • A new cold or generally feels bad
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Vomiting during the night or diarrhea

Tips for Staying Healthy and Preventing Colds/Flu:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! Use warm water and soap and wash for at least 10 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • REMEMBER to cough/sneeze into your elbow, not your hand!! (Or cover with a tissue and then wash your hands)
  • Consult your Dr. for advice on receiving a flu shot.  It is not too late to get a flu shot this year

We believe that your fellow students and teachers will understand if you are ill and unable to attend school.  Check with the teacher regarding making up work according to school policy.

Lost and Found

Thanks to everyone who is routinely checking the lost and found cart either physically in person, or online!  Also, a big thanks to everyone who is labeling their property and helping me return it to them!  It really makes a big difference!
Please note that the cart will be emptied and the remaining items will be donated to charity next Friday, DEC 21.

Remember, you can check the flickr site:

I’ll update the site by Dec 20th so you and/or your children can check out what’s there before I remove the items!

Also, if you know of anyone who may not go to Palo Verde but, comes to the site to hang out or do activities, please pass on the message to them.

The cart is outside from the beginning of school until quite a while after school ends, just look for it outside Mrs Brown’s office.

Save the Date

Palo Verde’s Annual Ice Skating Party is Saturday, Feb 6 2013. Watch this space for more details.

Parents Needed At Lunch Recess


Would you like to know what your child does at lunchtime, with whom he/she interacts, how he/she socializes with others? Would you like to make Palo Verde’s playground safer and lunchtime more fun for our children?


This school year we started a program where parents (and grandparents) come and help with supervision during lunch recess. Children enjoy seeing their parents, their friends’ parents, or a new caring adult with a smile on his/her face.


Please click on the link below and sign up for one day per week, per month or even once for the entire year. Your child will notice your involvement.



If you have any question, please contact Katie Renati at or 650-520-0750 .

Thank you for your help.


December’s Asset of the Month is Asset #1: Family life provides high levels of love and support.

Family support refers to the ways that parents, siblings, and extended family show love, encouragement, and comfort to each other – families are the cornerstone of the social support system for youth.  The 2011 survey of Palo Alto youth reveals that while younger youth generally experience and are aware of family support, teenagers do so much less often:  89% of PAUSD elementary school students, 84% of our middle school students, and 66% of our high school students reported this asset, based on their responses to:
* I get along well with my parents
* My parents give me help and support when I need it.
* My parents often tell me they love me.
Because adolescents require greater autonomy and independence than younger children, effective family support for older youth takes a different form than in earlier years; however, their need for their families is still strong. Adults are challenged to find a balance between giving youth the love and support they need to navigate their adolescence and the independence they need to develop as individuals.
The following discussion topics can be used to open a dialogue with young people about the ways that they experience family support:
* Does your family provide support in a way that’s meaningful and easy for you to recognize? Why or why not?
* Do you and your parents treat each other with the same kindness and dignity that you’d expect from your friends?
* Does your family do things together on a regular basis? Are there any activities that you’d like to share (or be willing to share) with your family?
Winter break provides families with a chance to spend more time together.  We hope you enjoy your time together and let them know you love and support them.  For some resources and activities to try together, click on the December Asset resource kit link below.
This content is based on Project Cornerstone’s Asset-a-Month program resource kit. For more information, visit:
December Asset resource kit:
To get involved in the Palo Alto Developmental Assets Initiative of Project Safety Net, contact s at:

Empowering Our Youth Through Developmental Assets.

  Palo Alto Developmental Assets
  Initiative/Project Safety Net
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