News: September 21, 2012


September 26                      :   Local Holiday, No School
October 2                             :   Project Cornerstone ABC Reader                                                  Training, Book 2
October 3                             :   Walk and Roll Event, PTA Coffee,                                                  Site Council Meeting
October 5                             :   PTA Board Meeting
October 14                           :   Harvest Fair

Palo Verde and PTA News

Reminder: Students’ Safety At Drop-Off and Pick-Up


As the routine of the school year settles in with drop off and pick up in front and in back of the school, the PTA wants to remind everyone of some practices that will help ensure our students’ safety when coming to and leaving Palo Verde.
  • When approaching the Louis Road drop off zone at the front of the school, keep the cross walk clear so students can safely cross the street. Cars are lining up along Louis Road in front of the school at drop off and pick up and are blocking the cross walk. A blocked cross walk makes visibility difficult for both those crossing the street and for cars driving down Louis Road.
  • Do not pull into the Teacher Parking Lot on Louis Road and use it as a drop off or pick-up zone for your student. There are many kids walking, biking and scootering onto school grounds in this parking lot area. Cars entering and exiting to drop off or pick up their student creates an unsafe environment.
  • At the back of the school, enter Rorke Way nearest Ross Road. This turns Rorke into a one-way street for drop-off and pick-up and creates a safer environment for all students and family members entering and leaving the school. Rorke is simply too narrow a street to accommodate parked cars, two-way traffic and bikers
Please Lock Your Bikes. 


There have been reports of theft of unlocked bikes from one of the elementary schools in our district. Palo Verde’s traffic safety team is urging parents to remind kids who bike to school to securely lock their bikes/scooters.
Palo Alto Walks & Rolls October 1- 5, 2012


For safer streets, healthier bodies, and a greener planet. onWednesday October 3, Palo Verde Elementary will join millions of students around the world who are choosing alternatives to solo driving by walking, biking, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day. All Palo Verde students who green commute(walk, bike or carpool) to school that day will have the chance to enter our raffle and win prizes. We will announce prizes at that day’s assembly. There will also be PTA coffee outside Principal Brown’s office and parents are urged to bring their own coffee mugs. Find more information on Palo Alto PTA Safe Routes to School programs at .


The PTA thanks the City of Palo Alto for their support of this event.
Family Fun At Bike Palo Alto! On Sunday, October 7, 1-4PM
Bike Palo Alto! is a family friendly event designed to highlight easy ways to get around the city using bike-friendly routes. Mayor Yeh is challenging neighbors from all over Palo Alto to join him at this free event, which starts at El Carmelo School (Loma Verde & Bryant). Volunteers will provide route information and maps, free bike inspections, Share the Road safety tips and special activities for children. For more information, go to .


Check Out the Lost and Found Cart – You Might Not Realize What You Have Lost!


The Lost and Found Cart sits outside Mrs. Brown’s office and is already filling up! It only takes a minute or two to search through and see if anything belongs to your family. (I’ve found quite a few things this way!)


It’s not just jackets; it’s lunch boxes, bottles, books …. chances are if your kid left something at school it’s either in the classroom or the Lost and Found Cart!


Please help me, help you by labeling your kids’ items, then I can pass them back.

I have posted the current items at:
I’ll continue to update the photos at the end of each month.

Items left in the cart at the end of term (Christmas, Easter, End of Year) will be donated to charity.

Questions? Email: Denise White

9/28 Deadline Is Approaching To Donate A Palo Verde Fall/Winter Party! 


We’re hearing lots of exciting ideas floating around for the Palo Verde Fall Party Book – we love the enthusiasm for fun events, activities, and gatherings to build our community and raise money for the PTA.


Now, it’s time to put those ideas into action. Please submit information on the event, activity, gathering or party you’d like to host to the Fall Party Book Team by Friday, September 28th. Simply or contact Rebecca Thompson, Callie Turk, Junghee Hsieh, or Maxine Warren with the details of the even, including: Description, Preferred Date & Time, Hosts, # of Guests, Host(s) Phone & Email.


We hope to see lots of great parties that reflect Palo Verde’s unique culture and spirit!


Who’s Got the Early Start in the eScrip Challenge?


Since the start of the school year, 20 new families have registered for eScrip – thank you so much to all the new and continuing families! Check out the numbers below to see how each class is doing in the eScrip Challenge. Remember, every class that achieves at least 75% participation by January 18th will be a winner! Each child in that class will receive a “brag bag” prize – a reusable tote bag personalized for the Challenge with special goodies inside. Room 5 is in the early lead!


Room 1 -27% Room 2 – 32% Room 3 – 32% Room 4 – 43% Room 5 – 70%
Room 6 – 61% Room 7 – 46% Room 8 – 46% Room 11 – 42% Room 12 – 55%
Room 13 – 35% Room 14 – 67% Room 15 – 43% Room 16 – 54% Room 17 – 54%

Room 18 – 54% Room 19 – 58% Room 20 – 46%

If you haven’t registered yet, please register today!

1. Gather your most-used credit/debit cards and/or Safeway Club Card number. If you don’t remember your Safeway Club Card Number, call Safeway Customer Service at 1-877-723-3929 – they will happily help you identify your number.
2. Go to and click on “Sign Up”.

3. When asked to search for our group, click on “Group ID” and
enter our Group Number: 137331259 or Search for Palo Verde PTA.
4. Follow the remaining registration steps – you’re done!


Don’t hesitate to contact the Palo Verde eScrip Coordinator, Callie Turk, at

Basketball Camp


On Wednesday, September 26, One on One Basketball is running a special basketball camp for PAUSD students. The camp will take place from 9am-3pm at the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. Please call 650-366-1661 or register online t Half day option (9am-12pm) is also available. Come out and play!
Join Your Palo Alto Fire Fighters for Popcorn and Toy Story 3


On Saturday, Sept. 29, 6pm at 2675 Hanover St., PAFD station #2

The Palo Alto firefighters would like to invite you to the first Community Movie Night for residents of Palo Alto. Community Movie Night is an opportunity for the members of the Palo Alto neighborhoods to get together with their firefighters in the local firehouse and enjoy a movie with their family. This fun family event is free. You are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets as the movie will be viewed in the apparatus bay. For questions please contact Mark vonAppen at 1(408)888-7763 or


Girls on the Run of Silicon Valley Looking for Spring 2013 Coaches at Palo Verde!


Girls on the Run of Silicon Valley is currently looking for volunteer coaches for a program at Palo Verde. The Girls on the Run spring session begins the week of March 4 and runs through mid May. Groups are open to girls in (3rd-5th grade) and meet twice a week after school for an hour and a half – days and times vary by site. The program culminates with the girls all running the GOTR 5k in Vasona Park, Los Gatos on Saturday, May18th. GOTR provides training for coaches and a great curriculum to work from.
You don’t have to be a runner – just someone who is interested in health and wellness and wants to make a difference in the lives of girls. Head coaches must be 21 or older, assistant coaches 18 or older. Coaches need to be able to commit to two practice sessions per week for 10 weeks and attend the 5k in May. The two words that best describe Girls on the Run are “FUN” and “RUN”. Every
aspect of this program is geared toward helping girls feel good about who they are – physically, emotionally and socially.


If you are interested in getting involved as a coach, please contact Karen Rajczi, Program Director, at For more information you can also visit our website at – click on “get involved” to find the link for our online coach application. The deadline for new program site applications is next week so don’t hesitate.


A one-day training sessions for new coaches will take place in the first two weeks of November. Program registration will begin in December.



September’s Asset of the Month

Parent Involvement in Schooling. Research shows that youth whose parents are actively involved in their schooling are more engaged in school; but, what does this mean? We see plenty of parents on campus and at PTA events “being involved” but is that the only form it takes? Every parent, every day can positively affect kids’ lives. It only takes a second. The National Network of Partnership Schools developed a framework for understanding different kinds of parent involvement:


· Parenting: families establish home environments that support children’s learning


· Communicating: families and schools engage in effective two-way communications about student expectations and progress


· Volunteering: parents directly support the classroom or school


· Learning at home: families help students with homework and school-related decision-making and planning

· Decision making: parents are involved in school decisions

Parents whose schedules don’t allow volunteering can still support their children’s academic success through parenting, communication, and learning at home. However you can do it, do it. Remember it only takes a second.

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