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Sept 9       :  Individual Photos

Sept 9       :  PiE Challenge Grant Ends.

Sept 9       :  Welcome Back Social and Potluck

Sept 12     :  Start of Early/Late Reading Schedule

Sept 16     :  Walk-a-thon

Sept 21     :  Walking Club Begins for Grades 1-5

Sept 26     :   PTA Board Meeting 8:15 am

Sept 28     :   Project Cornerstone, ABC Readers Training 8:00 am

From The District

Involved parents = thriving students

September’s Developmental Asset of the Month is Parent Involvement in Schooling.

Research shows that youth whose parents are actively involved in their schooling are more engaged in school.  So, what does this mean? We see plenty of parents on campus and at PTA events “being involved” but is that the only form it takes?   NO.  Every parent, every day can positively affect kids’ lives. It only takes a second. The National Network of Partnership Schools suggests that families establish home environments that support children’s learning, families and schools engage in effective two-way communications about student expectations and progress, parents directly support the classroom or school, families help students with homework and school-related decision-making and planning and parents be involved in school decisions. Parents whose schedules don’t allow volunteering can still support their children’s academic success through parenting, communication, and learning at home. Try and find the time to talk to your child about their day at school.  Don’t just ask them how their day was, ask them what they did and really listen to what they have to say.  How ever you can do it, do it.

Remember it only takes a second.

We are lucky to have a lot of resources for our families and our students.  If your child is not happy in school, for whatever reason, there is someone who can help them. Start with your child’s teacher and/or the counselor.  The goal for everyone is for your child to be successful and connected to his school and community.  Those are the kids that thrive.

Palo Verde School and PTA News

Donate to PiE Now! Today is the Last Day to Match Contributions! 

During the 2011-12 school year, generous donations from parents and community members have allowed Partners in Education (PiE) to provide almost $130,000 to Palo Verde. (www.

These funds will be used:

– To pay for general classroom aides, so that every child has one more person to support his/her needs in the classroom. The aide will not only assist students, but also the teacher so that the students can spend more time in small groups and one-on-one with the teacher.

– To fund Spectra Art, so that every child can have regular access to art lessons and the creativity and confidence they build

– To help fund the Project Cornerstone and Project Resilience programs, to help build developmental assets and resilience for all students to bring into the classroom

– To provide additional reading specialist time, so that every child who needs extra support in reading receives that support, enabling the whole classroom to tackle more advanced material and progress in reading proficiency.

Please visit to find out how you can donate to this all important program. Today is the last day to get your donations matched and have your contribution doubled. Please Act Now!

Potluck Dinner TONIGHT!

We hope to see you all back at the school at 6pm tonight for our International Potluck Dinner.  Stop at the welcome table and make a nametag.  Remember to bring a main course or side dish to share and your own plates, cups, and utensils from home.  If your dish contains nuts or other serious allergens, please make a label with the ingredients listed. Thank you!  Desserts and drinks will be provided.  In addition to the buffet of food arrayed by our great Palo Verde families, there will be info tables for spirit gear, eScrip, and some of the after school programs.  See you tonight!

Message from Natalie Bivas, our Reading and ELD Specialist

Palo Verde teachers are all instituting Readers’ Workshops in their classrooms.  The more quality and quantity of books each classroom has will determine the quality of the Readers’ Workshop.  You can in help two different ways.

First, you can donate your childrens’ or any child’s gently used books if you think they could be the type of book Palo Verde children enjoy reading. You can drop them off in Room 10 for me or at the office, any time of the year.

Second, instead of cupcakes or along with cupcakes, you can donate a book or a series of books or a $50 bundle of books (ask your teacher or me) in honor of your child’s birthday (or losing a tooth or winning a trophy). We can even help you choose a book at exactly your child’s reading level. We will place a “Donated in honor of……by…..” label in the book.  You can ask the teacher for suggestions.  No need to spend a lot of money.  You can pick up good quality books at garage or library sales.

Thank you for helping Palo Verde be among the best schools in California.

Palo Verde Annual Walk-a-thon

Palo Verde’s 7th annual Walk-a-thon is Friday morning, September 16.  Walk-A-Thon! The Walk-a-thon raises money for students’ lunchtime activities and other enrichments including Noon Art, Noon Games, and the Walking Club. This year, every student who walks will receive a chain with a cool walk-a-thon token.

Additionally, this year Ms. Aza Allan’s 5th grade class will be running the walk-a-thon in that they will distribute water and punch lap cards.  Parents are welcome to walk with their students. Email Lauren Aspegren at with questions.  WALK ON!

eScrip/Safeway Back to School Program

As many of you know, through our relationship with eScrip, we can raise funds for Palo Verde just by shopping at Safeway and other merchants. We can raise even more through September 13th, when manufacturers of over 5,000 products sold in Safeway stores will contribute an additional 10% of sales to schools such as ours as part of Safeway’s Back to Schools program.

If your Safeway Club Card is already registered with eScrip, great! Your contributions will automatically be sent to Palo Verde.

If you are not registered with eScrip or don’t have your Safeway Club Card registered, please do so soon! It’s easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Go to and follow the instructions. Be sure to have your Safeway Club Card number and/or credit cards on hand when you register. Our group number is 137331259 and we are listed as Palo Verde PTA.

Even if you don’t register your Safeway Club Card with eScrip, you can still help! Just shop at Safeway during the Back to Schools campaign period. In late September, we’ll send around instructions about redeeming your rewards to benefit Palo Verde.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Palo Verde eScrip Coordinator, Callie Turk,

Hurry! Donate a Palo Verde Party soon. Deadline Approaching!

One of the most popular activities at the Spring Auction is the chance to bid for spots – for your child or yourself – in unique gatherings hosted by Palo Verde families.  Our kids benefit from the funds raised, everyone has fun, and our whole community grows stronger! Expect to see hot tickets similar to last year’s Bollywood Dance Party, Stomp Rocket Party, and Progressive Fiesta Dinner in the spring of 2012. This October, the Palo Verde PTA will launch a “Fall Party Book” with a selection of social and creative gatherings slated for October-February. Everyone will have the chance to purchase spots, at the Harvest Fair, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Help us successfully debut the Fall Party Book by donating a fun fall- or winter-timed gathering for kids, adults, or families.  Cool weather ideas include a Halloween-themed kid’s party, a Father-Son Monday Night Football Party, a guided fall foliage hike, and many more.  Let’s have a ball this fall!

Grab a friend or two and donate an event for either the October 2011 Fall Party Book or the March 2012 Spring Auction.  Contact Rebecca Thompson, by Friday September 16, to brainstorm ideas or book your event on the calendar.

 Palo Verde Box Top Classroom Competition


Start collecting Box Tops from now until May 2012

STEP 2**:  Turn your box tops into your teacher or the Box Top box in the main office.

STEP 3:  The classroom that turns in the most box tops gets to enjoy some ice cream in June.

** Parents: Please place box tops in a Ziploc bag. Each bag should contain 50 – 10¢ box tops (or $5 worth of box tops). If a Ziploc bag has less than 50 – 10¢ box tops, please write how many 10¢ box tops are in the bag. Do not confuse the 10¢ box tops with bonus box tops worth more.  These are often found on bulk items from Costco.  If you turn your box tops into the office, please make sure and mark your child’s classroom number on the bag(s).  NO EXPIRED BOX TOPS please.

Request from eNews Editors

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